Restaurants Val d'Ega


Obereggen - Obereggen, 14

Welcome to the restaurant Gasthaus Specker in Obereggen. In the porch of the restaurant you can enjoy a breathtaking view on the Dolomites and enjoy typical South Tyrolean dishes, while relaxing under the summer sun.

Carezza - Via Carezza / Karerseestraße, 136

At the restaurant you will be delighted every day with the tasty local typical dishes. The south Tyrolean cuisine is like the landscapes of the small region. It is important for us to use regional, fresh and healthy products.

Nova Ponente - Rio Nero / Schwarzenbach, 22

The restaurant Ganischgerhof is located in Deutschnofen at the hotel Ganischgerhof Mountain Resort & SPA****S. The gourmet restaurant offers the possibility to enjoy the excellent meals in different sections of the hotel. It does not matter whether you decide...

Ega - Paese / Dorf, 39

This small hotel in the heart of Eggen is pride and joy. The love for the profession and the home provide the environment for the daily work. Come in and let us pamper you. Spacious rooms allow plenty of room to move for young and old.

Carezza - Via Bellavista / Schönblickstrasse, 8

Undertake a culinary expedition of discovery, and discover the numerous tasty à la carte dishes! The skilled kitchen team cooks with a passion, combining the best ingredients to create enticing dishes – from traditional Alpine cooking to balanced...

Nova Ponente - Obereggen, 17

Carezza - Via Carezza / Karerseestraße, 161

Enjoy the varied dishes from the restaurant Alpenrose, offering delicacies from the fine Italian cuisine to delicious South Tyrolean specialties in the restaurant, the “Stube” (snug area) or on the panoramic terrace.

Carezza - Via Carezza / Karerseestraße, 134

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Ponte Nova - Loc. Stenk / Stenk, 4

Driving through Eggental you will be surprise by the first impressions given by the breathtaking landscape. In the heart of the wonderful Dolomites, only 15 kilometers away from Bozen, at a hight of 920m above the sea level you will find the Hotel Mondschein....

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Collepietra - Riedl, 206

Culinary highlights from kitchen and cellar at Wieslhof! Discover the Mediterranean lightness and alpine charm in the delicious pasta dishes, ravioli and dumplings in all variations. On request individual menu are prepared.

Nova Levante - Via Carezza / Karerseestraße, 171

Ponte Nova - Loc. Ponte Nova Di Sotto / Unterbirchabruck, 25

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Nova Ponente - Obereggen, 31

The chef Adolf Munter is an appreciated chef cook and has the talent to entice the guests every day with exciting new meals, starting from the aperitif to the dessert. Top quality produce, selected and prepared with care, charmingly served and in a...

Nova Levante - Via Roma / Romastraße, 18

Nova Ponente - Via Principale / Hauptstrasse, 17

A pleasant blend of South Tyrolean home cooking and ideas of international cuisine, the South Tyrolean tradition and the love for cooking will make your experience in the Restaurant Erica enjoyable and unique. In its alpine wellness kitchen (including...

Monte S. Pietro - Unterwinkel, 5

The restaurant at the Golf Club Petersberg is open from April until November and is the perfect place for a quick snack or a nice meal at the terrace or the typical Tyrolean rooms. This is the only restaurant in the area with is open all day and well known by...

Nova Ponente - Rio Nero / Schwarzenbach, 24

Here is the right spot for your meal: from quality ingredients, mainly delivered by local farmers and businesses, the cooks in the Restaurant Schwarzenbach in Nova Ponente create the most delicious dishes from the Tyrolean or mediterranean cuisine, as well as...

Nova Ponente - Via Principale / Hauptstrasse, 5

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Nova Levante - Via Catinaccio / Rosengartenstraße, 4

Are you hungry from a day of skiing in winter or walking in summer? No problem! In the house you find a restaurant and pizzeria open non-stop from noon until the evening. Let the hosts pamper you with typical South Tyrolean plates or with a home made pizza.

Carezza - Passo Costalunga - Karer Pass

Nova Levante - Via Carezza / Karerseestr., 30

Nova Levante - Via Dolomiti / Dolomitenstraße, 23

Nova Levante - Via Catinaccio / Rosengartenstr., 43

Nova Levante - Via Pretzenberg / Pretzenberger Weg, 10

Nova Ponente - Vecchia Croce / Altes Kreuz, 5

Nova Ponente - Obereggen, 16

Obereggen - Obereggen, 27

Cornedo - Via Kunter / Kuntersweg, 21a

Collepietra - Paese / Dorf, 79

Nova Levante - Via Bellavista / Schönblickstrasse, 9

Cornedo - Via Val d'Ega / Eggentaler Straße, 7

Nova Ponente - Paese / Dorf, 2

Nova Levante - Via Carezza / Karerseestraße, 7

Cornedo - Via Cornedo / Karneidstraße, 32

Nova Levante - Vicolo dell'oste / Wirtsweg, 4

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Nova Ponente - Centro / Dorf, 45

Collepietra - Paese di Sopra / Oberdorf, 128

Nova Ponente - Rio Nero / Schwarzenbach, 2

Ponte Nova - Via Val d'Ega / Eggental, 14

Obereggen - Obereggen, 12

Obereggen - Obereggen, 28

Collepietra - Paese / Dorf, 60

Monte S. Pietro - Centro / Dorf, 2

Cornedo - Gummer 78

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Cornedo - S. Valentino / St. Valentin, 43

Nova Ponente - Centro / Dorf, 18

Carezza - Via Nigra / Nigerstraße, 14

Nova Levante - Via S. Valentino / Gummerer Straße, 52

Monte S. Pietro - Paese / Dorf, 24

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